Heather Smith-Davis, Get Ready to Laugh

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Get Ready to Laugh

Get Ready to Laugh

How long have you been writing? Since I filled out a post card for an encyclopedia salesman to come visit me at age five. When I was ten, I set out to write a mystery and got as far as the table of content before I scared myself silly and threw the entire manuscript (one page) away. It would have been a good mystery, I’m sure of it. I’ve always written off and on, but I’ve consistently written and blogged for the past seven or eight years.

 What is the single most difficult part of writing for you? Time! I’m a full-time momma, a full-time wife, a full-time teacher and a full-time writer. It’s hard to find the time!

 How many hours a day do you write? I spend two-three hours a day working on my writing. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m writing–it may mean I’m blogging, editing, marketing, social-media-ing (it’s a word)…


What is the most important advice you have for someone who wants to be published? Just keep writing! Everyone has a story to tell–tell it and just keep at it until the story is told.

 Where do you find the inspiration for your stories? Since I write humorous non-fiction, stories about my crazy family, my inspiration comes from within … within my own family, that is!

 What do you like most about writing? I love that I’m providing my kids with a written documentation about their lives, their family, their parents. I also love how freeing it is to share my thoughts and antics.

 What do you like the least? Not having enough time to write as much as I want.

 How long does it take you to finish a novel? I’ve published three books (one is a short read–about 7,000 words–I wrote that on the plane from NYC to Tulsa). My first book, TMI Mom Oversharing My Life, took about three years because I’d write, then put it away, then start over, then put that one away, then start over. The second book, TMI Mom Getting Lucky, took almost a year. The third book (which is in the editing process and is due in Spring 2014), tentatively titled TMI Mom Crazy On Board, took six months. I’m in the process of writing my fourth book, TMI Mom Girlfriends, and it’s about a fourth of the way done. So, what was the question again?

 What message are you trying to give with your books? That’s it’s okay to live a not-perfect life. Embrace the life you have because it’s perfect for you!

 Do you have any/other books that will be coming out soon? TMI Mom Crazy On Board will come out in Spring 2014–it’s about traveling. TMI Mom Girlfriends will come out in Fall/Winter 2014 and it’s about neuroscience and its affects on pediatric feline doctine. Not really–it’s about girlfriends. 

 What are your other books and where can we find out more about your work? I blog religiously at www.minivan-momma.com–you can find out all about my life, my books, my family, my toilet paper obsession, my fascination with Jon Bon Jovi and the things I say in the shower on that site.

 Heather Davis is a momma, a blogger and a writer. She’s the author of the TMI Mom series, which includes TMI Mom Bites the Big Apple, Oversharing My Life, Getting Lucky and Crazy On Board (coming spring 2014). She’s the founding administrator of Oklahoma Women Bloggers and blogs at www.Minivan-Momma.com. She’s been a featured guest on The Dr. Oz Show and regularly appears on Fox23′s morning show, Great Day Green Country. She’s a humor columnist for Metro Family Magazine and is syndicated with Bartlesville Examiner Enterprise. She is the co-producer of the Listen To Your Mother Show in Oklahoma City for the second year. She is married to a very patient man and together they are raising two strong-willed, independent and hilariously funny daughters. Her website is www.Heather-Davis.com.

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