Blessed with a creative and racing imagination, Barbara Shoff began writing in grade school so she wouldn’t lose her marbles. She writes to clear her imagination. “Ideas for stories loop over and over in my head until I write them down. Once written, a new story will form and continue looping until it is written down. If I don’t write it down, my mind becomes cluttered. I write  to keep my mind neat and tidy. Much like a runner runs, I feel yucky if I don’t write.

“My professional writing career started when I found myself with stacks of papers containing all these mental meanderings. It was like I had this pre-computer age blogger brain. I offered a huge pocket folder full of my writing to a start-up small town newspaper. They sifted through the folder and the next thing I knew, I had my own column, BJ’s Corner. The number of articles in that folder outlasted the newspaper.  I began offering articles and short-stories to various magazines. I remember the thrill when I actually got paid for my first piece. I also wrote novels while gestating children. I was too busy raising a family to do the “work” of writing; the  numerous re-writes, revisions and edits needed to have them published.

“In the past I have written assembly instruction sheets, ad copy, political speeches, articles for magazines and I have earned money ghost writing. I have written several first draft novel length manuscripts and I finally decided to “go all the way.”  The rest is history.


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